Elisabeth, free-lancing communications consultant

I contacted Rosemarie a year and a half after I suffered from a burnout. I was looking for support to learn to handle the workload which was again getting very stressful for me. Through her professional, yet personal way of connecting, Rosemarie very quickly picked up what my needs were. She asked the right questions and was very flexible in her way of responding to my needs. Her toolbox of different methods to help me further was impressive. The mindful and active exercises helped me to really feel the impact of the coaching sessions, as opposed to just trying to understand it in my mind, which gave me many useful insights. Rosemarie always repeated to me what I expressed which made it even clearer to my where I was coming from and what I had learned. Rosemarie is both analytical and intuitive, and her own life experience was a good base which made her understand what I meant quickly. Her kind and caring character made me feel warmly welcome at each coaching session. She made me feel seen and accepted and never judged. I can recommend Rosemarie to anyone that needs support in life in whatever situation.


Wendy van Nieuwenhuijsen

Rosemarie is een goed voorbeeld van een goede coach. Ze kan goed luisteren, doorvragen en daardoor de juiste dingen naar boven halen om mee aan de slag te gaan. Prettig en rustige persoonlijkheid waar je je op je gemak voelt.


Roland Borsboom

Rosemarie is een uitmuntende coach. Ze heeft heel veel kennis van voeding en "de mens". Deze kennis kan er voor zorgdragen dat je weer mens wordt en veel beter naar je lichaam luistert. Keep up the good work!